14.	TIP Development builder of log homes Mystic Alpenwald Village 11.	Land and log homes found in Southern Vermont Mystic Alpenwald Village
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12.	TIP Development builder of log homes and land in Southern Vermont  found in Mystic Alpenwald Village

Directions to: Alpenwald Village

Alpenwald Village is easily accessible by car from any of these cities:

Albany, NY 68 Miles 1 1/2 hours
Bennington, VT 24 Miles 30 minutes
Boston, MA 127 Miles 2 1/2 hours
Brattleboro, VT 35 Miles 45 minutes
Buffalo, NY 328 Miles 6 1/2 hours
Hartford, CT 117Miles 2 1/4 hours
Manchester, NH 110 Miles 2 1/4 hours
Montreal 257 Miles 5 1/2 hours
New Haven 139 Miles 2 3/4 hours
Newark 225 Miles 4 3/4 hours
New York City 213 Miles 4 3/4 hours
Philadelpia 291 Miles 6 hours
Pittsfield, MA 35 Miles 45 minutes
Providence 139 Miles 3 hours
Springfield, MA 80 Miles 2 hours
Syracuse 203 Miles 4 hours
Toronto 420 Miles 8 1/2 hours
Washington, DC 425 Miles 8 1/2 hours

:For driving directions from your city Click here for Map Quest then type in: Alpendorf Ave at State Hwy 100, Readsboro, Vermont 05350 for destination and then type in your departure city information.

Note: (important info on driving directions) Alpenwald Village is located on VT Route 100 right between the Towns of Stamford and Readsboro Vermont. Therefore! The direction you are coming from will be most important to note on reaching the entrance.
If coming through the Town of Stamford VT from North Adams, MA. on Route 8. Route 8 becomes Route 100 when you enter into Vermont. Alpenwald Village is only a 5 to 10 minute drive on Route 100 North from the Town of Stamford with the entrance on your left.
2. If coming through the Town of Readsboro you continue south on Route 100 towards the Town of Stamford and Alpenwald Village entrance is 10 to 15 minutes with the entrance on your right.
3. If you are coming from Bennington, Brattleboro or Wilmington you will be turning ontoRoute 8 South from Route 9 and then hitting intersection of Route 100/8 and turn right onto Route 100 towards the Town of Stamford. ( The entrance is only 5 minutes from this turn.)

Entrance: Located at the entrance are two large Alpenwald Village signs on each side of the divided entrance/exit. Also at the entance you will see to the left a covered mail box center with indvidual mail boxes.

Map: View Survey Lot map of Alpenwald Village to assist you in driving around the area and finding the actual lots that you are interested in purchasing. Click Here Note: Survey maps available on request tipdevelopment@aol.com

Click here for Area Map of Alpenwald Village location in Southern Vemont.