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12.	TIP Development builder of log homes and land in Southern Vermont  found in Mystic Alpenwald Village

Very Important Information about "New" Vermont Septic Laws!
That you must be aware of if you plan to Buy, Sell or Build in Alpenwald Village, Vermont.

* All lots in Alpenwald Village require their own Septic System and Well and must be Certified by a VT Civil Engineer with a Test Pit and/or a Perc Test report and septic/lot design if the lot is to be developed. (If lot is only to be a buffer lot then no testing is required) All lots tested now and actual construction finished including a house built by July 1st 2007 will not require a replacement field or state permits. After July 1st, 2007 all lots will be subject to the new VT septic laws requiring a replacement field and state permits that a 1 acre lot may or may not accommodate and therefore may not be not buildable. Even if you have an engineers report and septic design prior to July 1st, 2007 and have not yet built , you will still need to have the lot recertified with a replacement field (if one is not included) and local and state permits issued before you start construction. Selling of your lot and/or building of your lot in Vermont after July 1st, 2007 will become much more difficult and costly. Therefore if you are planning to buy, sell or build in Alpenwald Village before July 1st 2007 you may wish to consider having your lots tested sooner than later and start construction of your vacation home or selling of your lot.

* A tested lot that is certified buildable increases your property value more than a lot that has never been tested. A lot with a septic design including a replacement field increases your value even more if you are planning to sell or build. A lot not tested or certified may not hold any value for future sale or development. Wouldn't you like to know if the lot that you are buying is buildable?

* TIP Development will again be conducting Test Pits and/or Perc Test on select lots in Alpenwald Village, Vermont in the Spring of 2006 and would like to offer you the opportunity to also conduct a Test Pit and/or Perc Test on a lot -please let us know.

Test Pit: Conducted by a VT Certified Engineer (Recommended if your planning to buy sell or build)
To determine if the lot is buildable with a recommended VT septic system.
Process: Locating your lot from original survey maps, staking out lot front boundaries, placement of sign with your name and lot number on lot. Complete inspection and evaluation of the lot by walking the lots to determine if the next step is required. If the Engineer determines the lot suitable for soil testing then the next is to clear a path way through the wooded lot (cutting brush & small trees only) and proceed to dig 2/3 holes 6/7 feet deep (using a mini excavator). Testing of soil and water levels by a VT certified civil engineer. Preparation and issuance of a final certified report based on the engineers final evaluation.
Note: All testing by our engineer is certified to meet the new Vermont septic laws.

Perc Test & Septic Design: Conducted by a VT Certified Engineer
(This process is required along with a test pit if you are planning to build on your lot now or in the future)
Test pits are first done to determine if lot is buildable If buildable then a perc test and topography can be performed on the lot to determine the type of septic system required. Then a septic system/lot design is produced by the Civil Engineer. (This is required for septic and building permits)
Process: After a test pit process has been completed! Digging of 2/3 holes 4/6 feet deep are required to test the percolation levels of water into the soil, survey of lot topography to determine final lot layout and septic design which is then prepared by the engineer. This design is required in order to obtain septic & building permits and excavation of the lot for construction and building of a home on the lot. Note: All testing by our engineer is certified to meet the new Vermont septic laws. Design requires a 4/6 week waiting period.

Remarks: Lots developed and construction finished including a house built before July 1st, 2007 does not require a replacement field or state permits. Lots developed and construction to begin after July 1st 2007 will require a replacement field and State & local permits and state inspections by a state engineer. The engineers report will state is the lot is buildable and if a replacement field is possible or not and include recommendations.

Note: If you are interested in having your lot tested in please let us know ASAP in order to put you on a schedule.

Contact & Address
Frank Hall
TIP Development
6802 Main Street
PO Box 209
Readsboro, VT 05350
Tel: 1-800-825-9717
Email: tipdevelopment@aol.com

Visit our Web Sites at:

Disclaimer: TIP Development is not affiliated or associated with Alpenwald Village, inc . and is not authorized to speak for, make arrangements with or enter into any agreement for or on behalf of AVI. AVI does recognize TIP Development as an authorized Developer and General Contractor and Builder of Log Homes in Alpenwald Village.