14.	TIP Development builder of log homes Mystic Alpenwald Village 11.	Land and log homes found in Southern Vermont Mystic Alpenwald Village
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12.	TIP Development builder of log homes and land in Southern Vermont  found in Mystic Alpenwald Village

One Stop Shop!

TIP Development is a Developer and General Contractor providing Total Turnkey Serivices.
TIP Development works with aTeam of Professional Vermont Skilled Craftsman that specialize in their own fields of expertise. For over 10 Years we have teamed together to bring One Stop Services to our clients. We have Constructed and Built Custom & Log Homes for: Moosehead Cedar Log Homes, Kuhn Bros Log Homes, Beaver Mountain Log Homes, Daniel Boone Log Homes and Huntington Modular Homes of Vermont.

We now are building Custom Built Modular Log Homes and Modular Homes with Huntington Homes VT.
For more information go to:

TIP Development Team of Professionals include:

* Surveying (Land)
* E
ngineering (Septic Systems)
* Excavating (All Excavating & Install of Septic Systems Including Sales of Septic Systems)
* Well Drilling (Water & filter Tanks & Geo Thermo Systems)
* Foundation & Cement Work (Foundation & Patios)
* Electricians (All Electrical & Generators/ Including Sales of Generators)
* Plumbing & Heating (All Plumbing & Heating/Including Sales of Heating Systems)

* Custom & Log Home Builders (Exterior & Interior/ Rough & Finish)
* Masonry
(Walls, Fireplaces & Chimneys)
* Suppliers of Materials & Equipment (All Local Suppliers)

Services Include
* Surveying Property
* Engineering for Septic and Lot Designs ready to build on
* Construction & Building of Log Homes

* Excavation & Septic Systems Berard Excavating
* Foundations Grady & Jennings

* Plumbing & Heating Systems
* Electrical Systems
* Fire Places
* Interior Designs
* Log Home Sales
* Land Sales
* Land Development
* Property Management
* Home Repairs & Renovations

General Contracting Managment Includes:
* Total Turnkey General Contracting and coordination/overseeing of entire project from start to finish. Total Hands on coordination of the construction and scheduling the Contractors on site on a daily basis.
* TIP works very closely with the owners on a daily/weekely basis keeping them informed of the progress. Each week the owners will receive a emailed Progress Report with photos attached of the project and work as it is done. Also a detailed report of their budget/expenses backed up with receipts and certificates of completetion from each Contractor as work is completed.
* TIP provides each client with a Construction schedule & payment schedule.

Land Development and Land & Home Sales
TIP Development
provides Land Development Services and Sales of Land & Homes.

Property Management
TIP Management provides Management Services for Rental Homes, Condos, Offices and Land Parcels. Includes: Rental Marketing & Advertising, Maintenance and Management.

Detail of Services Include!

Civil Engineering
Perc Testing & Septic/Lot Designs.
* Clearing of wooded lots.
* Driveway Construction.
* Septic System Construction.
* Foundation Hole Layout.

* Foundation & Patio Construction.
Well Drilling
* Drilling, Pumps, Piping & Filter Systems
* Complete Rough & Finish/ Fixtures Electrical Work.
* Exterior & interior.

Plumbing & Heating
* Complete rough & Finish Plumbing work.
* Heating Systems

* Sanding, sealing & tile work.
* Install of shingles or tile.
* Exterior & Interior Carpentery of all Modular Type Homes
Construction of Shell Erection and Interior Finish of Log Homes
* Restoration and Renovation of Homes
* Construction of fireplaces and masonry repair
* Garage doors.
* Dumpster.
* Rental equipment.
* Supplies & materials.
* Floor & cabinets.
* Lighting & fixtures.
* See Below

Past Projects
Ferris Project
Alpenwald Village, Stamford, VT
Land Development, Construction of Modular Home
Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Denley Project
Alpenwald Village, Stamford, VT
Land Development and Construction

Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Arlington, VT
The Hamlets of Vermont

Recently Completed

Mt Snow, VT
Sica Project

Alpenwald Village, VT

Byrne Project

Colrain, MA
Karabeinikoff Project

References Click Here

Modular & Log Home Financing Available:

Bank Of Bennington (Ask for Wendy)
Arlington, Vermont
Tel: 802-375-2319

TIP Development
Frank Hall
1971 Western Ave
Albany, NY 12203

Tel: 800-825-9717
Fax: 800-235-2140
Email: tipdevelopment@aol.com

Office Site Locations
Readsboro, Vermont

Mail to:
1971 Western Ave
Albany, NY 12203

Web Sites

TIP Development is an authorized developer in Alpenwald Village
to sell and build homes in Alpenwald Village.

Guilderland Chamber of Commerce, New York