14.	TIP Development builder of log homes Mystic Alpenwald Village 11.	Land and log homes found in Southern Vermont Mystic Alpenwald Village
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TIP Development
and Green Mountain Log & Timber Frame Homes continue construction of New Homes in Southern Vermont. Modular Log Homes, Cabins, Log Homes and Timber Frames planned for 2013 Click Here!



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12.	TIP Development builder of log homes and land in Southern Vermont  found in Mystic Alpenwald Village

Vermont History

The Green Mountain State

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The State of Vermont, tucked in the Northeast
corner of the U.S., is the second smallest state in the Country
with a population of less than 1 million people. Vermont was
originally populated by various indigenous peoples of the
Algonquin, Iroquois, and Abenaki nations. Many of Vermont
town, county, river, and lake names are derivatives of old
Indian names. The original Vermonters traveled and lived off
the abundance of the land. Vermont's hills were filled with wildlife,
and fish were bountiful in the many rivers, ponds and lakes.
White man came to Vermont in the early 1600's, when in 1609,
the French explorer Samuel de Champlain sailed into what is
now known as Lake Champlain. It was then, in the summer
of 1609, when Vermont was first dubbed "Verde Mont," French for "Green Mountains."
Like a good explorer would, Champlain claimed this land in the name of France,
who eventually swapped Vermont to the British.In 1763, England was
granted the land now known as Vermont via the Treaty of Paris. That Treaty ended the French and Indian war. Meanwhile, back in the new World, the land was claimed by both New Hampshire and New York. Vermont patriot Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys put an end to that and by 1777 Vermont achieved independence.
Vermont remained an independent republic until 1791 when it became the 14th member of the United States.
The Capitol of Vermont is Montpelier, with a population of under 10,000 people Montpelier is one of America's smallest
Capitol Cities. Click here, to see the historic Capitol building in
Montpelier, Vermont as it looks today.